Pizza Hut To Offer $4.95 Pizzas Every Day, All Pizzas Capped At $8.50

Pizza Hut To Offer $4.95 Pizzas Every Day, All Pizzas Capped At $8.50

Pizza Hut is looking to start some flour-flyin’ fisticuffs with arch rival Domino’s, if this latest announcement is anything to go by. In addition to meeting Domino’s $4.95 Cheaper Everyday deal with an identical promotion of its own, the franchise will also be capping pizzas at $8.50. There will also be no surcharge for chicken.

Earlier in the week, Domino’s Pizza extended its $4.95 value pizza promotion to every day of the week. Not to be outdone, Pizza Hut has “thrown down the gauntlet” with its own $4.95 Classics pizza offering which is available seven days of the week:

From July 1, all day, every day, the Pizza Hut Classics range will be priced at just $4.95 pick-up, while the Favourites range, Pizza Hut’s premium menu, will cost only $8.50 pick-up. Pizza Hut [is] refusing to charge extra for chicken – unlike its major competitors who can charge up to $3 for the privilege of chicken.

Them’s fightin’ words.

As with Domino’s, the deal only applies to pickup orders, which means you’re forced to trudge to your nearest store to take advantage of the lower prices. Tch.

Pizza Hut also claims to have improved the quality of its ingredients, such as thicker ham made from leaner pork cuts and wood-smoked pork belly bacon. During a recent Fast Food Face-off article, most of our judges felt that Pizza Hut used thicker, juicier pineapple than Domino’s, although the latter came out on top overall.

We’ve always been peeved off by the “premium toppings” charge at pizza outlets, so this is definitely a step in the right direction. Your move, Domino’s.


    • just read the news and got hungry, but i got disappointed. if you read the fineprint on pizza huts website it says that deal is available only in the ACT.

      • I believe that’s just a soft launch. The national promotion starts on 1 July.

      • Lucky I live in Canberra, I shall take a hit for the team and order pizza from both dominos and pizza hut.

  • Keep your $4.95 pizzas! Just give me free delivery I’m only 5 minutes away! And too fat and lazy to get in the car…or walk…

    • My pizza intake increased when I got a car and could have my pizza hotter faster and cheaper with a little effort on my part.

      Now I haven’t had pizza for like 6 months because my waistline was expanding…

  • About time Pizza Hut woke up to the 21st century and updated their business model.

  • I’ve pretty much given up on all the major pizza chains – ALL of them skimp badly on the toppings. I would rather pay ten dollars for a decent pizza than five for one where the only significant ingredient is the calories.

    Life is too short to waste calories on bad food.

    • Nah Pizza Capers definitely doesn’t. When you go to your gourmet pizza chains, you get what you pay for.

      • Oh man I love Pizza Capers so much.
        Had it the other day.
        Their Gluten Free pizza base is fantastic.

        • Sadly they only have four stores in Sydney, and none of them are particularly close.

          There are a couple of local Italian restaurants which do a decent pizza. Normally I just order from them.

          • I lived in the northern suburbs of Wollongong and happen to be lucky enough to have one 5 mins drive away. 🙂
            I didn’t realise how good they were until I walked past a few months ago and realised they did gluten free bases and sauces. Gave it a try and haven’t looked back.

  • buy the Loaded Ham and add Pineapple as a extra which pretty much makes it a Hawaiian saving you $1.55 from if you just bought the Hawaiian from the Favourites range 🙂

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