Taste Test: KFC's Hashbrown Double Burgers

For a limited time, KFC is offering a new menu item dubbed the "Hashbrown Double". As its name implies, this is an extreme take on the highly coveted KFC Double that crams a rasher of bacon, two slices of cheese and a hash brown between two chicken breast fillets. The addition of potato definitely adds a unique flavour to the Double, but is it a taste that die-hard traditionalists can get behind? Check out our taste test for the answer.

The KFC Double Hashbrown is a limited-edition "bunless" burger comprising bacon, cheese and a potato hash brown sandwiched between two chicken breast fillets. As with previous versions of the #KFCDouble, the Hashbrown Double comes in two varieties; Zinger and original. The original version uses Original Recipe fillets and smoky BBQ sauce, while the Hashbrown Double Zinger uses crunchy Zinger fillets and spicy Supercharged sauce.

The regular Hashbrown Double and Zinger version pack in 2429kJ and 2843kJ of energy, respectively. Both versions cost $8.95. You can also get a combo for $10.95 that comes with a hot chips and regular drink.

Last week, we were invited by KFC to taste-test both products prior to the national launch. You can check out my verdict in the clip below:

For those who are pressed for time, here's a recap of the above video: in short, this is a deliciously worthy successor to the Double. The minced potato adds a hint of sweetness that counteracts the saltiness of the chicken nicely and the hash brown's skin provides an extra crunch.

If you're contemplating an indulgent lunch today, you could certainly do a lot worse than the Hashbrown Double. Our personal pick is the Hashbrown Double Zinger which has a great, spicy kick. The KFC Hashbrown Double is in store nationwide from today (Tuesday 4 November.)


    Soooo many calories
    Soooo bad for your arteries
    Soooo want one right now

      The Zinger Hashbrown Double is only 679 calories...

      It probably won't fit my macros, but I'm gonna go get one now!

        Yeah I'm pretty sure it's going to be more than a days worth of fat for me but I guess I'll just have to use some 'creative accounting' because I MUST MAKE THIS FIT!

    So Chris, what was your score?

      Compared to the rest of KFC's menu, I'd give it a 9/10.

    Whhaaat. Maybe it's a side effect of little LH video content but It's chris jay-ger? Not 'jaeger?'

      It's totally Jay-ger. The "Yay-ger" pronunciation usually has another e in there.

        A little disappointed it's not "Jag-ger" as in "moves like" :(

    The triple double is just around the corneryou realise, 2 zinger fillets, and instead of the hashbrown, another zinger fillet

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