Pizza Hut Now Sells Pizzas Made Out Of Doritos: The End Is Nigh

Pizza Hut Now Sells Pizzas Made Out Of Doritos: The End Is Nigh

Following in the slithering footsteps of the Hot Dog and Cheeseburger crusts, comes Pizza Hut’s latest unnatural hybrid: the Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza. As its name implies, it comes with actual Doritos corn chips stuffed inside the crust. The result is reminiscent of a nachos melted inside a pizza.

The Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza does exactly what it says on this box: in place of a regular boring crust, it comes with a layer of original Doritos corn chips buried in the crust along with mozzarella cheese and a sprinkling of cheddar. We’ve already tasted it and it’s as spectacularly indulgent as it sounds.

In an unusual marketing decision, Pizza Hut is selling its new creation based on the sound.

“We’re so excited to launch the Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza – it’s the kind of pizza that needs to not only be eaten, but heard to be believed,” the company said in a statement.

“We know from research how big an impact the crunch sound has on one’s appetite. As you bite into the crust you’ll be blown away – it’s not only seriously loud, but delicious.”

As with Pizza Hut’s previous Stuffed Crust varieties, you can add Doritos to any pizza for a premium of $3. We’ll be running the obligatory Lifehacker taste-test tomorrow. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the Apple-skewing advert below:


  • Gross.. but not as gross as the hotdog in the crust pizza.. which was grosser than the cheese they use for their stuffed crust..

  • The sound of crunching is not something you want to hear though- like the gassy sound of beverages, it’s downright disgusting and should be banned from TV.

  • I found out last week they do KFC style chips now, so I ordered a Dorito Crust pizza and some oven baked chips. I’m not normally the sort of guy that tries this sort of stuff but I really wanted some of those chips.
    So far the chips are great and the pizza is better than usual, but the crust just isn’t doing it for me. I was picturing something more along the lines of Nacho Cheese Dorito crumbs sprinkled around the edge. This is more like large chunks of Doritos cooked on the crust. Sort of makes me think Corn Flakes rather than nachos.
    Worth checking out if you’ve got friends over but I don’t think I’ll get another one. Maybe just a regular cheese pizza, extra cheese and a bag of Doritos.

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