SipSnapp Scans A Beer List And Rates It For You

SipSnapp Scans a Beer List and Rates It For You

iOS: If you aren't a beer expert, you might not know if you'll like a certain beer. With so many craft beers out there, you're likely to find one you've never heard of. SipSnapp takes a beer list from a restaurant and looks up ratings for each brew.

Just use your iPhone's camera to take a picture of a beer list, and SipSnapp will convert the picture to text so it can look up the beer's ratings on Ratebeer. We've covered a similar app for wine in the past.

I've used it at local brewpubs and it works great with a printed menu, but it's lousy with a chalkboard menu. This app is iOS only, but the SipSnapp developers say an Android version is on the way.

SipSnapp [iTunes App Store via Endgadget]


    Seems like it'd be better as a google glass app than iOS, let alone "android coming sometime".

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