Free Beer? There’s An App For That

Free Beer? There’s An App For That

Melbourne-based app developer ProjectProject is preparing to launch a new service that sounds too good to be true — a free beer per user, per day. To claim your frosty freebie, all you need to do is download the app and head down to a participating bar. Cheers!

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The aptly named Free Beer App is an upcoming application for Android and iOS that does exactly what it says on the tin — anyone who downloads the app will be able to claim a free beer from participating establishments (assuming you’re of legal drinking age, of course).

“Every participating Free Beer pub will have a redeem button [inside the app], so getting hold of your drink couldn’t be simpler,” a spokesperson for the company told us. “It’s basically a digital version of those ‘one free drink’ cards of old, but with added functionality.”

The app will come with a ‘Near Me’ button which alerts you to the free beers in your area, complete with directions on how to get there.

So what’s in it for the bars and clubs that are handing out free beer? According to ProjectProject’s co-CEO Chris Gillard, the app is a form of “strategic marketing” that presents proprietors with a cheap way to get patrons through their doors.

“With the rise of craft beer in Australia, The Free Beer App provides an opportunity for smaller breweries to market to an enthusiastic mass audience,” Gillard added.

It will be up each establishment to select what type of beer will be given away for free, so you may need to develop a taste for cheap ‘n’ cheerful brews (make mine Tooheys New).

The company is looking to recruit 200 Australian pubs and bars for the initial launch. The app will only become available once they hit that magic number (the company would not disclose how many bars have signed on thus far, but interest in the app is apparently high).

If this venture takes off, we foresee Free Beer App pub crawls becoming a popular pastime among cheap drunks in the future. The app will be available on Apple and Android devices for $1.99.

You can find out more at the Free Beer App website.


  • While I do love a free beer, this seems like a “Hey dude, you’re a photographer right? Give me a free photoshoot and I’ll tell all my friends about you and you’ll have tons of new customers. It’s win-win!” sort of thing. It’s most likely not, as a number of bars have already signed up and see the potential in it, but I couldn’t help but shake that feeling.

    • It’s more like one of the ‘daily deal’ sites like scoopon but devoted entirely to beer. Unlike your photographer example, this will get people in the door before you take the loss – and once they’re in the door you have the chance to convince them to stay for a few more drinks and a meal, and maybe turn them into repeat customers.

      It’d be pretty handy for new bars trying to build up customers, $5 to get somebody in the door and buying is pretty cheap by advertising standards.

  • I don’t think the Free Beer Pub crawl will work either. It looks like it offers “one free beer per day”, rather than “one free beer per day per venue”. Plus, you’ll need to wait a week before you go back to the same venue again.
    From their FAQ:
    “So does this mean I can drink for free all night? You’re entitled to one free beer a day β€” which is pretty fair in our eyes. There is a waiting period of seven days between every free beer at the one location.”

  • Haven’t you guys heard of the Boogiespot apps? There are hundreds of pubs, bars etc around the country that already offer rewards through their own apps! My local has an app, Temperance Hotel on Chapel st, and I get drinks for checking in and taking photos… There are loads of these apps, just search for the company that makes them (called ‘loke’) in the app store πŸ™‚

    • The difference is that this app won’t be specific to one pub or franchise and you apparently won’t have to do anything on social media (other than download the app).

  • Have you heard of Boogiespot, there are already hundreds of venues with their own Apps around the country giving out free beer, just type LOKE in the app store and check them out.

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