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Use DollarBird For Easy, Hands-On Budgeting

There’s no shortage of budgeting apps out there, but sometimes, rather than futzing with categories, charts, graphs and daily alerts that you’re over a pre-set budget or have “irregular spending” in a certain category, you just want something simple to track the money you’re spending.

Save Gmail Attachments To Your Dropbox With This Add-On 

All browsers: Google and Dropbox are now collaborating on a brand-new “Dropbox add-on for Gmail”, which will make it easy to share the contents of your Dropbox directly within Gmail. If you’re going the other way, it’s also a lot easier to dump files directly into your Dropbox, saving you…

Make Animations With Ease With GIF Toaster

iOS: Making GIFs yourself has always been a pretty involved process either made too simple to suit my desires or too complicated to be intuitive. GIF Toaster blends the best of both worlds, offering more than enough control over the GIFs you’re trying to create in an interface that’s simple…