After Hours: Best Bar Apps

Can a smartphone help you discover new drinks and cool new places to consume them? Sure, but the golden question is: “can an app help you get free beer”? It can. Check out our best bar apps!

Bar image via Shutterstock

Welcome to another round of our After Hours App Series: a detailed look into all the apps you need on your smartphone to have a great night. Stay tuned each day for another round-up of the best apps for after-hours fun.


Clipp is a simple app that lets you run up a bar tab before paying it on your phone. No handing your credit card over behind the bar, no signing your life away or forgetting to pay the bill when you leave. (Android, BlackBerry, iOS)

Where The F**k Should I Go To Drink?

There’s nothing like being blunt and to the point with your friends, isn’t it good enough to expect that your apps should be just as up front with you? This sweary drinking app lets you set your location and tells you where the f**k you should go to drink after that.

Free Beer App

Everyone loves free beer, right? The Free Beer App is an iOS and Android app that’s coming soon that will allow you to find out which pubs are offering free beers and let you go there to redeem the coupon. It’s that simple! It’s coming soon, but worth waiting for.


Finding a new beer to drink is tough. Who do you trust? Your mates, of course! Untapped is a social network for brews, so you’ll always be able to see what other beers your friends have checked into for a recommendation. (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone)


BrewGene is a similar idea to Untapped, letting you find new beers, rate them and take the app out with you to discover new drinks. (Android, iOS)