BrewGene's 'Beer Discovery Engine' Helps You Find A Good Beer

Web/iOS: BrewGene is a website and free iPhone app where you can rate and subsequently find new beers that you like based on your tastes.

BrewGene claims to catalogue more than 40,000 varieties of beers from over 4000 breweries, all accessible from its web and iPhone app, so it's likely you'll find something via BrewGene you've never tried before.Previously mentioned RateBeer covers similar territory, and since we covered it last, it's also released an iPhone and Android app. If you're interested in expanding your brew palette, give BeerGene's tasting notes and photo-uploading tools a try.

BrewGene [BrewGene for iPhone]


    This is crap when ever I go to the database to rate a beer it craps out says try later, tried wifi and 3g over 3 days now and nothing, great idea if it worked though ! is heaps better. It's got an android app as well as an iphone app.

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