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iOS: If you aren't a beer expert, you might not know if you'll like a certain beer. With so many craft beers out there, you're likely to find one you've never heard of. SipSnapp takes a beer list from a restaurant and looks up ratings for each brew.


Over two years ago, Public Transport Victoria -- in a manner so clandestine it would have impressed the pants off most international spy agencies -- released a revamped version of its transport app for iOS. Unfortunately, the app went from a glorified, though extremely useful, electronic timetable to an overly streamlined, difficult-to-use toy that myself and other uses quickly abandoned. Earlier this month, it finally received a massive update that's essentially brought us full circle, transforming it into a modern version of the classic Metlink app.


Jet-lag is one of those conditions that you just have to endure, unless you're willing to ingest copious amounts of caffeine or staple your eyelids open. That said, next time you're suffering from a radical shift in time zones, you might want to give Entrain a go. It's an iPhone app that claims to get you back into sleeping sync as quickly as possible, by aligning your circadian rhythms with that of your environment.


iOS/Mac: Sometimes, you just need to get something from your Mac to your iOS device instantly (or vice versa). Command-C is an (awkwardly named) app that makes it so you can copy clipboard data -- that includes images or text -- across iOS devices or between Mac and iOS.


iOS 7: The one thing stopping you from taking that risk -- whether it's entrepreneurial or personal -- is the fear of failure. AppSumo's new app, Failure Games, is designed to make risk-taking a part of your life and get you accustomed to failure, embarrassment or other negative emotions that hold you back.