KFC To Open Its Own Concept Store, ‘KFC Urban’, In Parramatta

KFC To Open Its Own Concept Store, ‘KFC Urban’, In Parramatta

McDonald’s is looking to shake up its business with “The Corner”, an experimental restaurant in Camperdown, NSW. It’s not the only fast food outlet looking to tweak its image though, with KFC recently applying for the legal go-ahead to serve alcohol at a new store in Parramatta.

Photo by KFC / kfcaustralia

The store, described by KFC as a “concept”, is attempting to get a liquor licence to “sell beer and cider”, according to a story by James Robertson on The Age. The article goes on to say the store itself will look rather different to the red-and-white stylings of your typical KFC, with local council documents highlighting “timber-lined windows and exposed ceiling beams”.

Currently, KFC has to provide the Liquor and Gaming Authority with reasons why the store won’t be “detrimental to the community’s wellbeing”, which I imagine will be an interesting read when it turns up.

With a few exceptions, McDonald’s dumped its unmistakable branding with The Corner, so you have to wonder how linked the new KFC store will be to its heritage, if it has any at all.

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