Menulog Makes It Easy To Order Takeaway

Menulog Makes It Easy To Order Takeaway

Want to order takeaway but don’t want to deal with a big chain? Menulog features delivery options from more than 2000 restaurants and makes it easy to hunt down places that will deliver to your address.

We featured Menulog back on Lifehacker way back in 2010, but the range of restaurants and the site itself have evolved considerably since that time. I tested it out last weekend, and was impressed with the range of restaurants on offer, the ability to order special delivery combos and the overall speed and efficiency. Once your order has been placed, you also receive an SMS confirmation so you know the delivery will happen.

Definitely worth checking out if you don’t fancy heading out for dinner. As an added bonus, Lifehacker readers who sign up for Menulog (it’s free to use) can score a 10 per cent discount this week by using the code DBDD6C with their first order.



  • Whilst i think menulog is a good service, I find them to be quite expensive and this seems to go against liferhackers mission which is finding cheap and awesome lifehacks…

    This article smells like a an advert tbh. I hope it’s not.

    • Not an ad (we’d disclose if it was). For $50 I scored a ridiculous amount of food — would depend on the restaurants in your area.

      Also, while Lifehacker definitely enjoys finding ways to save money, that’s not our _sole_ mission — sometimes convenience is just as important.

      • Fair enough.. it is a cool service, like I said.. it’s just not the cheapest 🙂

        • Well, the prices are set by the joint, not menulog (I assume anyway).

          Myself, I’ve never paid for delivery, due to use of coupons/special offers, and plenty of the places in my area offer further discounts/free meals as loyalty after X purchases.

          And I like being lazy D:

    • Uhh, menulog prices are the same as the restaurants. I’ve been using them for several years now and I’ve often compared to the restaurants own website for price discrepancies.

      More often than not, by ordering through menulog the company you order from will offer some type of discount for your first order or like order 7 times, get 50% off.

      To me that sounds cheaper than ordering regularly through the company, and convenient because you just have to click a few buttons and your order is taken and paid for by credit card (unless you opt for cash payment on delivery). Most home delivery don’t offer this.

  • Menulog, eatnow, deliveryhero, they’re all pretty similar. If one doesn’t have what you want in an area the others might.
    All quite handy for those super lazy nights at home.

  • while i agree its convenient…. ive used it for 2 local pizza joints…. and both times they said its better to just ring them direct….. cheaper and faster

  • WHy do people keep going on about this?. Bit expensive…service and food is variable…

  • I use MenuLog and EatNow quite a bit. I like the idea of ordering online, hate calling up some of these places to place an order, makes it much simpler to order online. Only drawback is nearly all stores have a $25-$30 minimum delivery, meaning it’s not much use for 1 person (unless you eat a lot).

  • won a TV from these guys a few years back in a comp they had going – definitely going to vouch for these guys haha

  • I have ordered through menulog a couple of times and my experience is 50/50 . My last order took more than an hour to arrive (1.5hrs in total, yeh for my dinner, no wasn’t a home delivery I picked it up) and worst part was that I received 2 sms around 12 am saying my dinner is ready to be picked up (that’s after I already picked it up and eat it).

    My concern is that I paid through menulog and and all I got was pretty much ‘here is your order number, now don’t bother us call the restaurant if you have any issue’, that’s it? that’s where your job ends? what if I want to cancel my order and get my money back because it is going to take hours to cook my food…(rant stops here)

    Well, lesson learned, don’t pay using menulog, it’s fine using its online ordering service but try and pay in cash. It just gives you a flexibility if you want to cancel your order in situations like mine.

  • Woah! this just found a pizza AND fish and chip place that delivers with good prices near me I have not been able to find one ANYWHERE.

    From the bottom of my.. stomach.. Thank you Angus 😀

  • I like the idea of these services, they offer a lot more than when you call up a take away place, you can actually take your time to browse the menu and see what’s on offer.

    If find the variety of places are very lacking though. I know of at least 6 pizza places in my local area, yet none of them show up on these services (Menulog, Eatnow). There are of course plenty of other pizza places there, but they’re from what I would describe as my “extended area”, taking another 15 minutes delivery time, on top of what is normally an hours wait (for some reason these services seem to sit on your order for some time before placing it with the store).

    If they want to get me to use their service, they need to show they have the variety there and won’t sit on orders for half an hour before placing it with the stores.

  • Someone really needs to start a company which delivers from food outlets which DO NOT already have a take away system.
    Take a look at Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia’s .
    These guys will go to places as small as a Krispy Kreme or Starbucks, pick up your doughnuts or coffee and deliver them to your home, at a small delivery cost of course, but you’re paying for the convenience of getting the exact food you want without having to leave your house. Like a third party delivery service! Now THAT is what these MenuLog type services should be.

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