WIN A 3D-Printed Statue Of Yourself Chowing Down On A KFC Hashbrown Double!

To celebrate the launch of the Hashbrown Double, KFC is offering one Lifehacker reader the chance to immortalise themselves as a 3D-printed golden statue while eating the snack. To enter, simply tell us what else you would add to the KFC Double to make it even more ridiculously tasty.

The KFC Hashbrown Double is a limited-edition "bunless" burger consisting a piece of bacon, two slices of cheese and a hash brown sandwiched between two chicken breast fillets. In other words, it takes the ultra-indulgence of the original Double and stretches it to even more grandiose levels. (Check out our taste-test video here.)

To commemorate the debut of this tasty morsel, KFC is offering Double fans something a little bit different — namely, a 3D statue of their own noggins chowing down on the snack. Check out the below video for a taste of the 3D scanning process and finished results:

“Instead of giving fans The Double for just a limited time, we’ll give them The Double for life, and we’re excited to be using the latest 3D printing technology to do just that in a new and fun way,” KFC Australia’s marketing director Valerie Kubizniak said.

So how does it work? From November 10, KFC will be launching the Immortalise Yourself Tour, which will see five of its flagship stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Launceston kitted out with latest in 3D printing technology. The first 10 customers who buy the Hash Brown Double in each store will then be scanned and printed into a 3D golden trophy valued at $385.

The Immortalise Yourself Tour will start in Sydney on November 10, and will visit Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Launceston in the same week. You can find the participating stores and dates below:

  • November 10 – Sydney: KFC Hoxton Park, Cnr Cowpasture Rd and 15th Ave, Hoxton Park
  • November 11 – Melbourne: KFC Broadmeadows, 1185 Pascoe Vale Rd, Broadmeadows
  • November 12 – Brisbane: KFC Morningside, 583 Wynnum Road, Morningside
  • November 13 – Adelaide: KFC Modbury, 942-944 North East Rd, Modbury
  • November 14 – Launceston: KFC Launceston, Shop G12, 162 Brisbane St, Launceston

In addition to the above, KFC is also offering the same prize to one Lifehacker reader. To enter, all you have to do is describe what you would add to the KFC Double to make it even more ridiculously tasty? The full details, including the competition's rules, terms and conditions, are provided below. Good luck!

How To Enter

Simply answer the following question in the comments section below:

"What ingredient would you add to make the KFC Double even more ridiculously tasty?"

We're looking for suggestions that we would actually want to eat: joke submissions will not be considered.

Competition Details

• Competition closes 12pm AEST on 7 November 2014. Winners will be announced on site / contacted via email within 24 hours.

• Entry open to residents of Australia based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Launceston. Full terms and conditions.


    As prizes go... Couldn't I get a 3d print of something useful..? :)

    The one thing that I miss most of all from the KFC menu:

    Tender roast chicken skin

    I still salivate uncontrollably every time I think about it. Which is often.

    Coconut Butter - Cut in a little sweetness with the savory and they could even try and call it healthy.

    “What ingredient would you add to make the KFC Double even more ridiculously tasty?” / “What would you add to the KFC Double?
    I would love to see a thin layer of battered and deep fried brie... something upmarket yet would just explode in amazing flavour blending with the chicken, bacon, sauce and hashbrown!

    KFC Gravy - that stuff is addictive. And goes really well hash browns and chicken.

    Popcorn chicken ...I'm just going to leave this here

    Last edited 06/11/14 1:19 pm

    Kimchi - That stuff goes amazingly with Fried Chicken, and would possibly even convince me that I was eating healthily.

    As the co-creator of the Colonel's McWhopper (see, my experience is that to enhance the double, we must go beyond the double... make it a TRIPLE one extra zinger fillet! Adding anything else would be blasphemy to the anathema that is the double.

    A nice dollop of chipotle sauce - that smokey sweet taste with just a small amount of heat.

    I'd double up on the potato too, and get a bed of mash + gravy between the bacon, cheese and hash brown!

    Last edited 06/11/14 2:44 pm

    Well I was waiting for the "more bacon!" comment but I'll go with: Onion rings

    Oh, I kind of already added all of the extra ingredients I needed.
    I combined the hashbown double zinger with the insides of a BBQ stacker from Hungry Jacks, and the fish out of the Fillet O' Fish from Macca's

    It was delicious. It was disgusting.

    I would add a layer of KFC Chips heavily salted with that amazing KFC Salt Mix.

    It may be simple, but we've already got the bacon and hashbrown there, so what this really needs is an egg! Not cooked in an egg ring though, cause that wouldn't quite match the shape of this deliciuos beast, it would have to be "free cooked" (is that a term?) on a hot plate to spread out to roughly the same size as the chicken so as to get a bit of egg in every bite. YUM!!

    OK... hand me the prize now. I got this. The one and ony possible correct answer is obviously that quintessential Aussie favourite... BEETROOT

    Addition to the double down - a single sheet of flat waffle cone. The double down is a massive amount of chewy, greasyness. Add a waffle sheet to add a bit of crunch. Can be savoury or sweet, customers preference.

    It's pretty simple -

    Candied Bacon.

    if they coated the bacon with brown sugar while cooking to candy the bacon you have the ultimate Double.

    Have your people contact my people to arrange my carbonite trophy... kthxbai

    A slice of Hawaiian pizza.

    Yeah.... I'm not sure I'd want a statue of me eating that. That's sure to induce feelings of self-disgust every time I look at it.

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