Takeaway Truth: KFC’s Parmy Stacker Burger

Takeaway Truth is an occasional Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images against what you actually get served. Today: the KFC Parmy Stacker.

Fast food restaurants have been known to gild the lily when it comes to accurate depictions of their menu items. Far too often, the mouth-watering feast on the poster turns out to be a limp and oily morsel. In a bid to keep the fry-jockey overlords honest, we’ve decided to document the reality of fast food — it was either that, or go postal like Michael Douglas in Falling Down.

The KFC Parmy Stacker is the latest decadent burger from the company that brought us the infamous Double (a “burger” that used two pieces of chicken instead of bread buns). [related title=”More Takeaway Truth” tag=”takeaway-truth” items=”4″]

Comprising two chicken schnitzel fillets, “a double layer of hearty Parmigiana sauce”, two slices of cheese, lettuce, mayo and a wholemeal bun, it packs in nearly 50% more kilojoules than the aforementioned Double (2515 vs. 3371jk). There’s also a single patty version available for the sorta health-conscious.

While too many of these things will probably kill you, it looks absolutely delicious in the advertisements. But how does the Stacker stack up in reality? When it comes to Takeaway Truth, KFC has been one of the least impressive performers. The Grilled Salsa Twister, Zinger Pie and Grilled Taster Box all scored between 6/10 and 3/10 — most readers thought we were being overgenerous. So without further ago, let’s see how honest the Colonel’s latest marketing blitz is…
Here’s what the KFC Parmy Stacker Burger looks like on the poster and KFC’s Facebook page:

And here’s what we got served at a Penrith restaurant:

To prove we’re not just choosing unflattering angles, here’s the same burger from the opposite side:

Do we really even need to critique this? There’s barely any resemblance between the two burgers. In the left image, the bun is bursting at the seams with mouth-watering ingredients. In the right image, you can barely see what’s inside.

As usual, the lettuce on the burger is a big disappointment — it’s in the wrong place, there’s a lot less of it and to add insult to injury it’s not even the fancy variety promised on the poster. When it comes to a good “parmy”, we’ll be sticking to the local pub, thanks.

    Truth Rating: 4/10

Which fast food franchise or menu item would you like us to tackle next? Let us know in the comments section below.

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