Gift Guides: Android Apps

Gift Guides: Android Apps

If someone on your Christmas list owns an Android phone, then the gift of apps can definitely be worth giving. Grab them a Play Store gift card and then suggest some useful downloads from this list.

Swiftkey ($3.99)

Tasker ($3.49)

Tasker is one of our favourite customisation and automation apps, and it’s made our gift list several times. All for good reason: Once your recipient understands the sheer power at their fingertips with an app like Tasker on their phone, they’ll be happy they downloaded it. It’s only $3.49, much less than it used to be, and it has had a design overhaul this year that makes it easier to use than it’s ever been. If you’ve ever thought “I wish my phone would do X whenever Y happens,” Tasker is the app that can give you that power. We’ve highlighted some of the awesome things you can do with Tasker to help you get started.

Nova Launcher Prime ($4)

favourite application launcher for Android

Spotify (from $11.99)

anyone can now use Spotify on their mobile for nothing

Light Flow ($1.99)


  • Gift cards…. Lets trade cash which is accepted everywhere and trade it for something that can only be used in one store.

  • I dont get it either…
    The only time I’ll ever consider gift cards is if they’re discounted… Even then I want to have a VERY good idea what I’m going to buy wit them.

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