SwiftKey 3 Keyboard For Android, Just $0.99

Android: SwiftKey is holding a sping sale, cutting the price of our favourite Android keyboard app by 75 per cent to just $US0.99 cents. Normally Swiftkey 3 costs $US3.99.

SwiftKey makes typing on Android's tiny on-screen keyboard much easier with its fast and smart predictive text replacement.

Note that the tablet version of SwiftKey isn't discounted, but you can use this phone version on tablets.

The spring sale is in celebration of Google Play's 25 billion downloads milestone. Even though SwiftKey isn't matching the $US0.25 cent deals going on this week, the app is still worth much more than just a buck.

Because there's no word when this deal ends, hit up the Play store soon to grab the app.

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard [Google Play via SlickDeals]


    What does the paid version offer that the free version doesn't ?

      If I remember correctly, the free versions word prediction stops working after a few weeks.

      I bought this years ago, and it's got to be the best smartphone keyboard I've ever used.

        Yeah I got the free trial a year or two back, came with 30 or 60 days or something, I was happy with it, paid the 4 bucks and use it today.

    This will be the best 99 cents you ever spend!

    I have an HTC One X. Is swiftkey better than the built in HTC app that does something similar (I think it is called HTC sense)?

    Swiftkey is a replacement for the standard keyboard that is part of your mobile I also have the HTC One X and have been using Swiftkey on this and my last HTC mobile and it's woth 10 times the price. Love it!!

    Obviously this article wasn't typed using SwiftKey or spell check.

    Highly recommended, even at full price it is worth it, but I bought it when it 10c earlier this year!


    Oh god, yesterday I used my ipad for the first time in a few weeks and found it so painful to type as I am now so used to the awesomeness that is SwiftKey on my phone. I paid full price for it and absolutely worth it :)

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