Tasker Updates With App Building And Tweaking

Tasker Updates With App Building And Tweaking

Tasker, our favourite tool to customise and automate your Android phone, updated today to roll in previously mentioned Tasker App Factory, which lets you build apps out of your Tasker actions. Now you only need to install one app to unlock all of the power Tasker offers.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tasker or App Factory, the former allows you to automate virtually any operation you can perform with your phone, whether it’s setting the brightness at a specific time of day, or building your own reminder notifications. The App Factory allows you to take those Tasker actions and export them to standalone Android apps.

Today’s update sheds the beta tag from Tasker and brings the App Factory into the main Tasker app. You can just install Tasker, build your action and export it as an app. Remember, you can export just about anything you can make Tasker do as an app, so the sky is the limit. Tasker will set you back $7 at Google Play. There’s a bit of a learning curve, so check out the instruction manual to get up to speed quickly.

Tasker [Google Play via Phandroid]

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