Spotify Announces Free Music Service For Phones And Tablets

iOS/Android: Streaming music service Spotify has always supported mobile devices, but you had to pay for a premium account to access it. Today, Spotify announced that phone and tablet users will be able to use the same ad-supported free music service already available on desktops. In other words: free music of your choice on your mobile, provided you don’t mind a few ads.

There is one major restriction with the mobile phone version for iOS and Android: you can only listen to music in shuffle mode. The tablet version lets you choose individual songs, in the same way the desktop version does.

The one potential downside of the new arrangement? Spotify has eliminated its old $6.99 a month Unlimited service, which let you eliminate ads purely from the desktop version. If you want an ad-free service, you now have no choice other than $11.99 for the Premium version.

One final reminder: using Spotify on your mobile phone can chew through your data allowance fairly quickly. Make sure you’re on Wi-Fi whenever possible.

Music for everyone. Now free on your mobile. [Spotify]


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