Gift Guide: Android Apps

Gift Guide: Android Apps

The gift of a good app can turn a phone someone find frustrating into a device that they’ll fall in love with all over again. Here are our favourite paid apps worth gifting to the Android owner on your Christmas list.

Many of these apps also come in free versions, but the paid-for versions definitely add extra value. A digital download can be tricky to wrap, so we have created gift tag images which you can use when presenting your recipient with their serial number. Click on any tag for a larger version.

Tweaking and Customization

Nova Launcher Prime

one of our favourite Android launchers

Buy Nova Launcher Prime ($4)

Alternative: Apex Launcher Pro ($3.89)



The ultimate Android tweaking utility, Tasker gives you total control over your device. If you’ve ever thought “I wish that would happen when this happens,” Tasker is the app to do it. If you have an Android lover on your list and they’re ready to get their hands dirty customising their device, Tasker is a great gift. To get them started, hook them up with our Tasker tips and tricks. Then, tell them to install the Tasker App Factory and export some of their profiles so you can enjoy your gift too!

Buy Tasker ($5.99)


SwiftKey 3

SwiftKey Flow on the way

Buy SwiftKey Keyboard or SwiftKey Tablet Keyboard ($1.99)


Media and Photography


our favourite podcast manager for Android

Buy Doggcatcher ($4.76)

Alternative: BeyondPod ($7)


Camera ZOOM FX

best camera app for Androidrecent updates

Buy Camera ZOOM FX ($1.49)



If there’s a voracious reader on your list, NewsRob is still one of the best Android feed readers around. The free version syncs with Google Reader so they don’t have to sift through existing feeds. The Pro version drops the ads and opens up some filtering options.

Buy NewsRob ($5.46)



shown you how to take your media on the goonly getting better

Plex ($4.82)



Astrid Power Pack

Buy Astrid Power Pack ($3.89)


QuickOffice Pro

Buy QuickOffice Pro ($4.79) or QuickOffice Pro HD ($9.58)


Splashtop Remote Desktop

Buy Splashtop Remote Desktop ($9.99) or Splashtop Remote Desktop HD ($19.99)


MailDroid Pro

Buy MailDroid Pro ($18.20)

Alternatives: K-9 Mail (Free) or TouchDown (Free, $20.56 Pro)


Other Useful Utilities

Sleep As Android

mentioned the app beforefree version

Buy Sleep as Android Key ($2.49)


Titanium Backup Pro Key

Titanium Backup”>in case your phone dies or needs to be replacedautomate their backups and sync them to Dropbox

Buy Titanium Backup Pro Key ($6.49)



  • Why is splashtop favoured when Jump Desktop and Remote Web Desktop are cheaper and do the same job?

    Surprised that OfficeSuite Pro wasn’t featured alongside QuickOffice Pro

    Plus in the 5 best android launchers article, a better write up was given to Go Launcher EX (which is why i bought the paid version in the end) yet here you feature Nova and ADW? Are they significantly better launchers?

    Plus there is no section for a new video player (mx player for me) and audio player (PowerAmp was reccomended by a friend, and is very popular, but i don’t use it anymore)

    Under Other Useful Ultilities why not feature Smart Tools?

    Other than that this is a good wrap up.

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