Google Maps Easter Egg Calculates Travel Times By Dragon

Fancy flying to your next destination? Or how about a jaunt in the Royal Carriage? Google Maps in the UK has you covered.

Sadly, you can't choose to travel via Daenerys Targaryen's favourite form of pet to just anywhere.

Instead, Google Maps UK offers the travel time by dragon between Snowdon and the Brecon Beacons in Wales. It's a trip that Google reckons takes only 21 minutes, compared to 3 hours 31 minutes by car, which suggests that the Welsh could speed up their economy by introducing Dragon-based shipping methods pronto.

The Scots also get a look in if you fancy a rather more soggy trip astride the Loch Ness Monster. There you can travel between Fort Augustus and Urquhart Castle in just 28 minutes. That's only marginally faster than by bus (34 minutes), but Nessie apparently stops for some circle work along the way.

As if to prove that there isn't a niche that Google Maps won't delve into, they've even got travel directions for the Royal Family in mind. So if you're reading this, Betty, and you're wondering the best way to get from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle, the answer turns out to be the Royal Carriage although only just. If Liz and Phil jumped onto public transport rather than saddle up the horses, it'd only take them an extra minute.

Easter Eggs for Google Maps UK Directions [Google Operating System]


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