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Find Meeting Places Halfway Between Two Addresses

When meeting up with someone, it can be hard to choose a spot halfway between the two of you for ease. For some reason, this isn’t a standard feature of Google Maps. Instead, MeetWays picks up the slack The site works exactly as advertised: enter two addresses and MeetWays will…

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This Map from Harvard Will Show You All the COVID Hotspots in the US

Since COVID-19 first started to spread in December 2019, it has made its way around the world. When it came to the United States, there were initially a few cases in Seattle, but the first major hotspot was New York City. Now, a few months later, places like Arizona, South…

The Best New Features To Try In The Apple Maps Redesign

The Best New Features To Try In The Apple Maps Redesign

Apple Maps is back with a brand-new edition, one that the company hopes makes it more appealing (and competitive) compared to the Google Maps’ of the app world. Not only does the new Apple Maps look a lot better, thanks to all the details about buildings, landmarks, and terrain that…