Check Out The New YouTube Easter Eggs

Check Out The New YouTube Easter Eggs

YouTube is running special Geek Week content this week (the Grammar Slam videos we featured a couple of days ago are part of that series. To mark the occasion, it has also added some new Easter Eggs which are worth checking out.

Google Operating System outlines the new options (don’t use the quote marks in any of these examples):

  • Typing ‘1980’ while watching any video kicks off a Missle Command-style game above your video.
  • Typing ‘1337’ while watching any video converts all the comments into leetspeak.
  • Search YouTube for ‘Fibonacci’ and you’ll see a special video on the Fibonacci sequence, comprised of YouTube video thumbnails.
  • Special effects appear if you search YouTube for ‘use the force Luke’, ‘beam me up Scotty’ or ‘My Little Pony’
  • Visit this video, and click on the ‘POW!’ button for comic-style rendering. (This won’t work with the pre-roll ad, by the way.)

It’s not clear if these YouTube features will remain in place once this week is over, so enjoy them while you can. For more Easter Egg enjoyment, check out our ultimate Google Easter Egg guide.

YouTube’s Geeky Easter eggs [Google Operating System]


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