Foxtel Go Now On Android, PCs, Macs, Can Be Used On Three Devices

Foxtel Go Now On Android, PCs, Macs, Can Be Used On Three Devices

As our weekend guru Logan predicted, Foxtel Go — the catch-up service which lets you watch Foxtel content on your mobile — is now available on Android, albeit only if you’re running some Samsung Galaxy devices. It has also been made available for Windows PCs and Macs. Of interest to everyone using the service: you can now register it on up to three separate devices, up from the previous limit of two.

Foxtel Go launched as an iPad-only app in November last year, offering a mix of live channels and catch-up programming. In January Foxtel promised iPhone, Android, PC and Mac versions. The iPhone version came quickly, but we’ve had to wait until now for the other platforms.

The restriction to Samsung Galaxy S III, Note II and Note 10.1 devices is annoying and somewhat unexpected. While Samsung is the dominant Android platform, we’d like to see it expand to other platforms (and indeed to the S4). Luke over at Gizmodo chatted to Foxtel and was essentially told “no news at this time” for rival Android platforms, but that work is progressing on the S4.

Perhaps reflecting that broader range of devices, you can now register a single existing Foxtel account with Go on up to three devices. Previously, customers were limited to two. However, you can still only use the service on two devices at once. I predict family fights in some households.

As that restriction shows, one thing that hasn’t changed is that you still need a full Foxtel subscription to access Go. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it as a standalone product.


  • Complete waste of time for the vast majority of Android users, a small subset of the phone market is served at the expense of the majority. Typical of large Australian businesses, they simply cannot get their heads around servicing the Android market.

    No support for tablet users is a complete joke. Foxtel might as well not have bothered, it’s a pathetic effort made doubly bad by the removal of the xbox subscription service.

    1/10 Foxtel, no wonder every Australian with more braincells than teeth downloads their content instead of bending over for the royal shafting that Foxtel offers.

  • So Foxtel is still overpriced, under featured and comes with more restrictions than you can poke a stick at.

  • Tried it last night on the note 10.1, but took me forever to download as it’s only available
    via the Samsung Apps thing atm rather than regular Google Play, but also partially my fault
    for forgetting my password for it seen is I NEVER USE the Samsung app thingy. Recovery on Samsung is a b*tch lol.

    Works quite well on it actually, You do hear many people with supported devices where it doesn’t work though even though installed the same way. Weird?

    • Works well on a pc connected to a big screen (media centre). Picture is just acceptable. I have used Hulu, Vudu and Netflix and this service is substandard. Typical Telstra/Foxtel, the tech has existed for years but they use a half solution. However, it will allow my son to watch his sport while i watch mine at least.

      Overall 5/10

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