Foxtel Go Hits iPhone, Adds Sports Channels

Foxtel Go Hits iPhone, Adds Sports Channels

In January, Foxtel promised that its Foxtel Go mobile viewing app would be released as an iPhone app. That app officially appeared this week, along with an enhanced range of channels for Foxtel Go, including the three main Foxtel sports channels.

As with the existing iPad app, you’ll need a Foxtel subscription to access the service, and what you see will depend on your package. Sport is one of the main drivers of pay TV subscriptions, so the addition of Fox Sports 1, 2 and 3 will be welcome for people who do pay for that. It’s also one of the few ways to legally watch streamed mobile sports on your device.

Foxtel has promised Android, PC and Mac clients for Go later this year. The existing limit of no more than two active Foxtel Go devices at one time per subscription is likely to remain in place, and you can’t use the service overseas.

Foxtel Go [iTunes App Store]


  • Glad to see sport arrive on the app. Does anyone know if you can use with an apple tv and air display? I know current app can’t (or won’t – possibly intentionally) display on a big screen via hdmi.

    • Just fired up the app – streaming sports works nicely, still won’t stream to AppleTV… I’m not sure if they’ll ever add that feature as that would eat into the money made from additional foxtel subscriptions in homes.

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