Foxtel Go On Android Could Be With Us As Early As Next Week

Foxtel Go On Android Could Be With Us As Early As Next Week

Android users might only have to wait until Tuesday to get their hands on the native version of catch-up service Foxtel Go, if a slip of the tongue by one of the company’s technical support guys is to be believed.

Ausdroid’s Scott Plowman cottoned on to the fact after reading the following tweet from Tech Webcast:

After asking for more info, Plowman was informed that the information had been supplied by a “Foxtel tech guy”.

Unfortunately, trying to get confirmation from Foxtel turned up nothing:

Foxtel Go on iOS has been available since last year, when Luke Hopewell over at Gizmodo AU had a look at it (and came away impressed). Hopefully the Tuesday release turns out to be true, it’s not like we’ve been waiting long for it at all…

Foxtel Go App for Android Possibly Coming Tuesday [Ausdroid]


  • The wait has been outrageous. Frankly I’m about ready to burn down every Apple store and put every Apple user against the wall.

  • I’m desperately waiting for the day that they let us use this without a residential Foxtel subscription.

  • And they’re still sticking with their Samsung exclusive deal? So non-Samsung users have to download the app some other way and manually install it like they did with their Olympics app?

  • How much does a Foxtel Go subscription cost compared to a normal Foxtel subscription?

    • AFAIK this is a free bonus to use that you get with a residential subscription, not something you subscribe to separately.

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