Foxtel Go Brings Pay TV To Your iPad

iPad: The good news? Foxtel Go lets you watch some Foxtel channels and shows on your iPad. The bad news? You have to subscribe to the regular Foxtel (or Austar) service to get it — no iPad-only accounts.

The Go app, which is a free download, doesn't cover the full range of Foxtel channels, and offers a mix of live broadcasts and catch-up programming. You can only watch channels included in the bundle you already subscribe to. (Similar rules apply to Foxtel's download service.) The app also lets you remotely schedule recordings on your Foxtel IQ box.

For existing Foxtel subscribers, being able to watch some of the TV you're already paying for (on up to two separate iPads) is a welcome development. It's a pity however that there isn't a standalone subscription-only option for viewers who don't want the full Foxtel experience. (You can't access the service if you have Foxtel only on the Xbox or T-Box either.)

Luke over at Gizmodo has a more detailed review of the app. No word yet on an Android version.

Foxtel Go


    Any word on if this will work on iPad Mini ?

      Yes. You can safely assume that ever. iPad app. ever. will work on an iPad mini -__-

    Will I can't login. I just get connection error every time I try

    So now I have Foxtel Guide, Mobile Foxtel, Foxtel Fox Sports Live Games, and Foxtel Go...

    Does it work if you have an XBox 360 Foxtel account? I bet you they managed to keep that separate as everything Foxtel do in that area.

    Will the app be available on an Android tablet?

      That's what I want to know... I just bought an android tablet and have had foxtel for about 6 months. I was considering cancelling foxtel because I don't really get to sit down in front of the tv much, but if I could watch it in bed or on the train... it would definitely be worth it! Come on foxtel, the android market is ready and waiting!

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