Foxtel Launches Use Anywhere, Contract-Free IPTV Service

Foxtel has launched a new internet delivered TV service dubbed Foxtel Play in a bid to make further inroads into the lucrative IPTV market. The new service will be available for a range of TVs, consoles and mobile devices, including Android handsets. Better yet, it requires no lock-in contract to join.

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Foxtel Play was unveiled at the ASTRA conference in Sydney today by Foxtel Chief Executive Richard Freudenstein. Freudenstein said the new platform would allow for more flexible price points to suit varying budgets. Channel subscriptions are genre based and start at $25 per month with no lock-in contracts.

Foxtel is hoping its new offering will act as a springboard for non-Foxtel customers on their way to the full service.

“This is a perfect new way for those people who have not yet experienced Foxtel to enjoy our popular content," Freudenstein said at the event. "[The service] combines the ease and portability of internet connectivity with fantastic entertainment to welcome a whole new set of customers to Foxtel.”

Foxtel Play will allow customers to watch TV shows and movies on "selected TVs and games consoles" which currently remain a mystery (although existing Foxtel partners Samsung and Microsoft/Xbox are pretty safe bets).

The service will also be accessible on compatible smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs via the Foxtel Go app. This will include some Android devices; a platform that was previously not supported by Foxtel Go.

The service will provide access to over 40 live streaming TV channels along with 2000+ catch-up programs and movies. The specific channels are being kept under wraps at the moment, but will include "premium" drama, documentaries, entertainment, kids and live sports.

Foxtel Play will be available in June across 3G/4G networks and WiFi connections. Additional information about compatible devices and channel pricing/packaging will be announced closer to launch.

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    Depending on the channel selection, count me in!

    I've been waiting bloody years for this!

    Sweet! A month is plenty of time for me to catch up on all the content I want, and assuming the selection is good a one-off $25 price is pretty fair.

    Foxtel is a waste of money, get NetFlix. Its cheaper and wayyy better.

      But live TV... Netflix is great, but TV shows are a season old more often than not plus you miss a lot of content from The History Channel, Discovery, etc.

      Apples and oranges

    When are we getting the Foxtel GO app for Android? Simply not good enough Foxtel.

    Any news if there'll be a sports package? pref that isn't bundled with other crap?

      No there won't be. Same as the sports channels aren't on Foxtel through XBox. As it uses the Internet to transmit, Fox Sports, ESPN, etc. do not own Internet rights to most of the sports. The NRL & AFL are the 2 biggest protestors - remember when Optus used to let their customers watch free-to-air TV over their mobiles? AFL & NRL took them to court

    If you're not into sports then it's a non plus really, I just check out the latest shows online and promptly download them to my media centre. Then your only paying for your internet and that's all.

    You say has launched, where can I see it?

      The article says available in June so you'll have to wait until then.

    Would this not be a similar offering to the Foxtel on Xbox 360 service.. which is now pretty darn expensive since they changed the sport package recently.

    "Foxtel Play will be available in June across 3G/4G networks and WiFi connections" this led me to believe that it was June for 3g\4g\wi-fi networks, does not say anything about PC's with ADSL etc..

    Foxtel has launched a new internet delivered TV service dubbed Foxtel Play in a bid to make further inroads into the lucrative IPTV market.

    Is it lucrative in Australia? My understanding was that the best local IPTV provider was iiNet's Fetch TV, and it's take-up was at about 10% of its user-base as of August last year. Foxtel's offering's are probably the most popular, but they largely piggyback off the standard subscription.

    I think it's a good move, I just suspect that most of the "lucrativity" in the market is potential, not actual, and as such assumed and untested.

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