Foxtel Go Mobile TV Coming To Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac

Foxtel Go Mobile TV Coming To Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac

When Foxtel launched its Foxtel Go app for watching selected Foxtel programs back in November, it was strictly an iPad-only affair. That’s about to change, with Foxtel confirming plans to make the app available on Android, iPhones, Windows and Mac.

In a press release today announcing the availability of movies on the existing Foxtel Go iPad app, Foxtel also confirmed that it plans to make the app multi-platform:

Foxtel Go will also be available next month on iPhone and iPod Touch and soon after that on PC, Mac and Android.

That won’t solve the problem of Foxtel Go only being available if you pay for a regular Foxtel subscription, but it will make it more widely available.

Existing Foxtel customers using Go on their iPad can also now watch a selection of on-demand movies. I’m not sure that will be enough to quell complaints from customers unhappy with the recent revamp of Foxtel’s movie channels, but it’s better than not getting offered movies at all. (That said, if you don’t have any movies as part of your Foxtel package, you won’t be offered them on Foxtel Go either.)


  • Foxtel will eventually be forced to open this up and allow people to sign up without proper foxtel.

    We live in a mobile world, when are they going to realise this? I maybe spend 2 hours a week sitting in front of a TV screen at home, but watch a lot more TV than that.

    Open it up for anyone or become irrelevant – your choice foxtel.

  • Opening up for everyone could be a major technical issue.

    I don’t have an iPad, but assume this works the same as Foxtel’s Olympic app. You use your Foxtel web login to access the channels. When you register online, you need to enter your smartcard number.

    Without Foxtel at home, you won’t have a smartcard. By changing the registration process there’ll be all kinds of people creating accounts without having it at home.

  • Why would I want Foxtel anyway, Movie service has gone to hell, crappy channels spewing out the same crap ad nauseum, and let’s not mention it now has more advertising than free to air TV, poor quality HD, and they charge you an arm and a leg for this crap. Disconnected and really haven’t missed it.

  • I actually just tried this out on my iPad over the weekend. It’s not worth wasting your time on. They only offer a few live channels and they all pretty much suck. And the pre-recorded content was limited and sucked as well. I imagine they had to pay extra for the rights to broadcast this content through the internet, so they’ve only purchased the bottom of the barrel crap.

    The app was really good though, it performed well, etc etc, the content just suuuuuuuuucked.

    That reminds me, I need to call Foxtel and downgrade my subscription.

  • They do. That’s why Foxtel through XBox has such a limited range.

    Internet rights are different, especially when it comes to sport. There was that huge issue last year where Optus offered free-to-air TV over their phones – but had to scrap it because the sports broadcasts violated Internet rights.

  • That’s just rubbish. There’s over 30 channels including the 3 Fox Sports channels. For a free app to go with a subscription its fantastic, and you can take it anywhere you have an internet subscription

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