Aldi Mobile Confirms Pricing And Plans

Aldi Mobile Confirms Pricing And Plans

ALDI Mobile has just sent out a release confirming its pricing schedule for the ALDI Mobile phone service we wrote about yesterday morning.

Aldi Mobile Confirms Pricing And Plans

ALDI Mobile will launch on the 6th of March using the same Telstra spectrum that Kogan Mobile uses, and presumably the same coverage map, which means it’s not-quite Next-G 3G speeds, but at a greatly reduced price. That could make a lot of sense if you’re not a heavy data user. There is also some utility in that 365 day pricing for the light user tier if you were giving a phone to a child or elderly relative and didn’t want to fuss about data at all.

There’s an obvious point of comparison here with the other Telstra MVNO, Kogan Mobile. Where ALDI’s value is a little better if you do want 365 day expiry, Kogan’s $29 deal offers 6GB of data to ALDI’s $35/5GB offering. Likewise, Kogan’s data-only product is a 30-day expiry $9.99 2GB product to ALDI’s $15/2GB plan.


  • Search for Aldi Mobile on Google and a Kogan Ad comes up: “Why choose Aldi Mobile — Kogan is Cheaper and Better” or something like that. The rest of the non-sponsored links are all to news sites. Nothing on the first page, or Aldi’s own site gives links to an Aldi-hosted page. Love how Kogan are straight in there taking advantage of the marketing opportunity that Aldi seem to be squandering.

  • Another reason i’m happy to be with TPG. I get $500 and 2GB data for national and international calls for the price of $13. The only flaw being the customer support.

  • Nothing like a gamechanger to shake things up a bit. Can’t wait until Kogan automatically tops up your recharge otherwise it’s perfect for my youngsters who miss the vid component but love everything else! So refreshing after coverage issues with Vodafail…

  • What is the real world difference in speed and service quality to Telstra next g? Especially interested in drop outs and rural service ‘availability’. Is the coverage areas the same or similar to next g? Thanks.

    • Is the coverage areas the same or similar to next g?
      No, it is not. Telstra wholesale (Aldi, Kogan) only has ~46% of the coverage of the retail Next G network. Rural service will be quite similar to Optus, depending on where you are. Make sure you check the coverage maps.

      • Rural coverage is NOT similar to Optus in any way, shape or form. I used a Kogan SIM in my iPad and compared it to the Live Connected SIM in my iPhone. I drove up the coast from Melbourne to Sydney. At many times I access the internet – with the Optus network it had extremely slow 3G, or usually GPRS speeds and many times switched to SOS Only mode. On the Telstra network it was always available and always fast.

  • I have been using Aldi Mobile now for about 10 days – ported my old number over to the new service. Very efficient in processing that request.
    Charges sound fantastic, however, for a total “usage” costing $1.35, I have had $12 charges levied for other services. Three international SMS messages (costing a total of $0.75 according to the fees table) also attracted $2.00 charge for each message – total for the 3 messages $6.75. Three Balance Check requests via text message also appear to have attracted $2.00 each time. None of these extra charges appear in my usage, but have been deducted from my credit balance.
    These charges are not outlined in the T&C’s – I am waiting on replies to eSupport tickets to find out if these charges have been levied as a result of porting my old number over to the Aldi service.
    The bottom line is – total credits/top-ups paid = $20. Usage = $1.35. Current balance = $6.65
    Maybe the service is NOT as good as it sounds.

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