Would You Call On An ALDI Network?

Would You Call On An ALDI Network?

ALDI has sold plenty of cheap gadgetry over the years, including tablets. Its latest rumoured move will see it launch into the competitive Mobile Virtual Network Operator space, reportedly reselling Telstra coverage in the same style as Kogan Mobile. How well will that work out?

Ausdroid reports on ALDIMobile, which launches next week but is teased in this week’s catalogue. There’s no explicit word on which network ALDI will be leapfrogging on, but discussion on Whirlpool suggests that it will be reselling Telstra capacity, putting it head to head with Kogan Mobile in the reseller space.

ALDI will also sell a pair of budget handsets as well as mobile network access. For the budget crowd, there’s a $19.99 Onix 1.77″ dual sim feature phone, and for those wanting something just a little bit fancier, a $199 4.5″ Android 4.1 Dual SIM smartphone with a rather low 960×540 resolution. Both phones are listed as unlocked, and the Bauhn’s 850/2100MHz 3G coverage would suit either Telstra or Vodafone from a network perspective.

That being said, there’s no official confirmation from ALDI at this stage, and you’re rather spoilt for choice in both the MNVO and cheap handset categories. Would you buy a budget phone and plan while you’re picking up your cheap cabbages?

Aldi launching AldiMobile March 6 [Ausdroid]


  • If their network reflects their in store experience in any way, then no thank you, My local Aldi can’t even have enough staff to cope with the amount of customers, it’s appalling.

    • Customer service in a supermarket? Why would you need that? Put your food in your basket, pay and walk out! Seems to me that people expect too much handholding.

      • Uh.. You do realise customer service would include being served as a customer in a timely fashion. Something of which Aldi do not do. Also if you wish to point out anything wrong with their produce or other products a manager or someone else of the right authority is never to be found, and when they are, they have an attitude that they don’t care that the “fresh” meat was off. So yeah, damn us for wanting to have customer service where something might get done if we ask it to be done.

        • I bought a frying pan there, got it home took it out of the box and it was filthy, had clearly been used a lot before. Took it back to the store, talked to 3 different people none of which seemed even remotely surprised that a frying pan in a sealed box was used lol. I couldnt believe it.

  • does anyone know if they are a rebadged anything? The $20 one looks very nokia-ish, a give-away would be if they dont vibrate while charging?

    Btw, what kind of charger plug do they use?

    I’ve had 0 problems with Aldi stuff in the past, you get what you pay for, but their waterproof actioncams are fantastic.

  • Yeah I know this is an old post and I’m getting here a bit late… but I have to say, I’ve bought plenty of electronic gear from Aldi … some good, some not so good – why do I keep buying from Aldi? Name another place that will let you try something out for 60 days and give you your money back if it’s no good – even if you find you simply don’t like it?

    If I’m after a phone, tablet, whatever – I NEVER know whether the Aldi one is going to be any good, but I know that if it’s not, I can just take it back no problem.

    I bought one of their $5 SIM starter packs and I was signed up and making calls in less than 2 hours after getting it home – I had WAY more trouble with Virgin, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone than Aldi – and being on the Telstra network, the coverage is really good (compared to Optus, Virgin and Vodafone).

    So yeah, while there are problems with Aldi, you just need to know what type of things they’re good for and what things you can’t rely on them for (trying to find someone to talk to about a problem isn’t always easy) 😉

    If I’m looking for service, then Aldi’s not the place I go looking for it – it’s more of a do it yourself kinda place – Is what I’m buying something I’m going to want or need good after sales support for? then I won’t bother buying from Aldi… if it’s something that I won’t need support on – provided it works as expected – then I’ll take a shot with Aldi and take back if it’s not as I’d hoped.

    Sounds like too many snobs with more money than sense 😉

  • That 4.5″ phone was the best mobile they have sold, . Myself with other engineers, cant fault this one.. only issue is its a one off like most of aldi’s stuff. I can do a lot more with this dual sim phone compared to any Iphone or samsung galaxy.. but no hand holding, if you want that then pay the big bucks for name brands.. THE PHONE NETWORK has been great apart from them revising their data plans down (along with every other telco)… I call from regional area and signal of the Telstra network which aldi use, is the only one I can use to get the coverage I need… ALL GOOD

  • The USB cord to recharge the phone on the 19.99 ONIX phone is poor quality. Worse still it is difficult to get a replacement cord at any of the usual stores because it has a proprietary on the metal connection and not just any cord will fit. I contacted the supplier and they want $25 for the USB cord plus postage on top of it. Definitely don’t waste your time with this phone.

  • I have a new 4.5″ Smartphone PLU 51817 with Andrid 5.0. I can’t get it to make or receive phone calls but accesses the internet. I have a Amaysim sim inserted that I understand from Amaysim is working properly yet no phone. I suspect I have not done something incorrectly. Any suggestion?

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