Boost Mobile Relaunches On Telstra With Unlimited Plans

Or, if you're Boost Mobile, UNLTD calls, text and MMS, because vowels are just a hindrance. But how does it stack up to the other Telstra MVNOs?

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The Optus-backed version of Boost Mobile closed its doors in January, and it has re-opened today as a Telstra owned budget prepaid carrier with a range of plans that focus heavily on unlimited calls. There are three tiers of recharges at $10/$20/$40, with differing expiry and data allowances. It's unlimited for SMS/MMS and calls to standard national numbers, but excludes talk/text/MMS to international, satellite, premium numbers, operator assisted calls, diverted calls, content charges and there's no overseas roaming component at all. Data is charged in per-MB blocks, something that can be a bit of a trap if you're not careful.

The MVNO space used to be an Optus and Vodafone playground, but the recent launches of both Kogan Mobile and Aldi Mobile have seen Telstra positioning its 3G network as a viable budget space.

Boost has one significant advantage over both Kogan and Aldi, as its coverage maps indicate it has the full run of Telstra's 3G network, meaning that there are spots on the map where Boost will work but the other MVNOs would drop down to 2G only coverage. Still, if you're in a coverage area already, how do the carrier offerings stack up if you're after an unlimited calls plan on Telstra's 3G network?

Carrier Boost Kogan Mobile AldiMobile
Cheapest Unlimited Plan/Data/Expiry $10/500MB/5 Days $29/6GB/30 Days $35/5GB/30 Days
Mid-range Unlimited Plan/Data/Expiry $20/1GB/15 Days $79/6GB (per month)/90 Days N/A
Top-Level Unlimited Plan/Data/Expiry $40/3GB/30 Days $299/6GB (per month)/365 Days N/A


    The table is somewhat misleading as Kogan's efforts are 6GB per month.

      True, but not a deliberate attempt to mislead; amended now. Thanks!

      True, but not a deliberate attempt to mislead; amended now. Thanks!

    The other advantage Boost has is that it's a full 42mbps speed (it has access to DC-HSPA, due to its direct relationship with Telstra, rather than as a wholesaler).

    Kogan/Aldi are limited to 7.2mbps.

    Real world performance of Telstra 3G is often significantly better than 7.2mbps (on a compatible device).

    Plus, although you have to be pretty far out bush, there are many places where Boost will have reception but the other MVMOs won't have anything (not even 2G). Highway drives (such as between Perth and Kalgoorlie, or Adelaide to Sydney) are a good example of that, so is the entire indian Pacific train line (which has constant 3G coverage). There are whole towns in that situation as well though, examples include Invanhoe & Wilcannia in NSW, and Streaky Bay in South Australia.

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      Alex, is it possible to get some clarification on this? I'd be happy to lose 3g coverage for the price difference, but not actual coverage.

        What clarification do you want?
        - Boost is supported by the whole 3G Telstra Next G network with 2.1m sqkm 3G coverage. (99.3% pop coverage).
        - Kogan & Aldi are supported by the Telstra Wholesale network with 0.96m sqkm 3G coverage (97% pop coverage) plus some 2G coverage adding up to 98.5% population coverage (unspecified total surface coverage).

        Either way there's a huge difference between the two.

          Do you have a source for those claims of differences? I've heard the same, but have Kogan, Boost, Aldi, or Telstra actually confirmed this?

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            Chasing on the figures, but it's quite easy to see the coverage differences; as an example, take a look at Kogan's coverage map with reference to Queensland -- -- and then look at Boost's map:

            The sources? No problem. :)
            Next G coverage is freely admitted by Telstra.
            Telstra Wholesale coverage is in the brochure on the Telstra wholesale website: and

    Bummer would get it if they had 4g coverage. Looks like i will stick with my telstra plan.

      4G coverage is what Telstra Prepaid is for.

      It depends on the area of course, but in some areas there wouldn't be much between them anyway, with 4G running at about 40mbps in rea life while 3G is running at about 20mbps.

      In some areas the speed gap between the two is going to be much wider though (like Melbourne CBD)

    The article claims that boost is owned by Telstra. A quick Google search or a look on the Boost Mobile website indicates this is inaccurate.

    Funfact > its cost $3.49 a minute to call New Zealand and only 99ยข a minute to call the USA .... telstra must good connections with AT&T :s

    Note as well all sim cards are now available at any JB Hifi store across Sydney, and is a timed Exclusive, which means no Telstra stores will hold this until that period is over :)

    Just driven from Adelaide to Sydney and I'm using a Kogan sim in an iPhone 4. The coverage has been exceptional for the vast majority of the journey. Was receiving emails in all kinds of random locations in the middle of nowhere. Unless you need some staunch internet speed to watch movies Kogan's coverage seems more than adequate to me.

    One thing that didn't appeal to me with Kogan or Aldi was the lack of international roaming. I rarely travel overseas but like to know I have the option to make or receive a call. Boost have additional add-ons you can purchase to enable international calls & roaming. Starting to think that Boost may be for me!

    this is crazy Kogan will ship the sim card in 6-8 WEEKS. the projected time for the sim card is 15th of May

    Who cares about international rates when you can dial for pennies with Skype, using up your unlimited minutes. International roaming, that's what local sim cards are for and using whatsapp and viber means your messages come through on your Aussie number anyway.

    Boost sim card received and the speeds smash Kogan, Virgin and Amaysim. Will be porting number at end of month.

    guys, does any1 know the unlimited calls they say is actuallyunlimited or there is a limitation on it? as the so calledother providers (libara, lyca as such) say its unlimited to sign u up but then starts a big fuss if u r a heavy user (cross 2000 minutes per month or get close to it!!)?

    hey im using boost and would be interested in switching to Kogan as im rarely in an out of coverage area and the yearly price of $299 with Kogan kicks boosta $480 if both unlimited then why bother with boost as all i do is check emails,facebook a bit of google and random calls etc

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