Pair Any Dish To The Perfect Wine With This Handy Chart

Pairing wine with food doesn't have to be a fussy process. While some wines go better with certain foods, picking the right one can be as simple as picking a varietal you like. This chart can help you when it's time to order.

It looks complicated at first blush, but the reason there are so many interconnected lines is because there are so many great pairing options for dishes that incorporate different ingredients. Enough, in fact, that you should feel comfortable tossing hard and fast rules out the window.

For example, roasted veggies tend to go well with dry white wines, but if you're making a meal with fish and roasted veggies, you might consider a sparkling wine. Similarly, red and cured meats pair well with bold or medium red wines like Malbecs or Temperanillos, but that cured meat and cheese plate you're enjoying may do just as well with a sweet white wine.

I'm a huge wine fan, and while I don't agree with the chart 100 per cent (and I'm actually a big fan of breaking pairing rules in order to discover new flavours you might enjoy) it's a good way to mix things up if your idea of picking a good wine is still stuck at "red with red meat and white with chicken and fish".

Hit the link below to see the entire chart (the image above cuts off the bottom, which includes some notoriously difficult pairing options), and don't be afraid to push the envelope a little the next time you buy or order a bottle of wine for your meal.

WIne Pairing Chart []


    I love how drinkers pretend there's a logic and science to this. Cummon, you're getting drunk, don't try and convince me it's about the flavour. As if you were eating seafood and only had some red, you'd be like 'It doesn't go with, so I'm just not going to drink'.

      Having a glass of wine with food is getting drunk and eating fish with red wine is like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth.

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