Fancy Trying To Fix Apple Maps?

For a mapping expert, this sounds like both a great opportunity and a poison chalice. Apple Australia is looking to hire a Sydney-based local developer to help it improve its iOS Maps application, which in its original form was so unusable that Apple took the unusual step of unreservedly apologising for its poor quality.

Criteria for the position include QA experience and familiarity with evaluating map quality. If you're tempted, be prepared for a lot of interviews: it's not unheard of for Apple hires to go through the process a dozen times.

Apple Jobs [via Mactalk via Gizmodo]


    I don't think you'd even have to be an expert to improve on the job Apple have done...

      IOS maps. Behind googles eight ball now and forever ? Just hiring now ? Grab a nexus 4 off plan, enjoy a premium phone without the crapple maps.

    the first thing they need to do is turn all out beaches the right way in.
    seriously, how do you fuck up a beach so badly?!

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