Dear Apple, Where Did You Put Swanston St?

One of the major new features in iOS 6 is the inclusion of Apple's own mapping technology. Building a map isn't easy, and the first screenshots from the beta version suggest that even for well-covered locations such as the Melbourne CBD, Apple has a lot of work to do.

As Luke over at Gizmodo notes, screenshots posted on Reddit over the weekend highlight the contrast between the level of detail available in iOS 6 compared to Google Maps (which will essentially be getting ditched as Apple's preferred maps provider). Apart from the lower level of detail, what jumped out at me was the bits that are entirely wrong. For instance, the first part of Swanston Street is missing entirely, as you can see in the screenshot above. That's going to make it very difficult to catch trams or visit the Town Hall.

Yes, I know: this is only a beta, so it's entirely possible Apple will improve on these maps before the general release. It certainly needs to if these are typical of what's already in the system.

Reddit [via Macworld Australia via Gizmodo]


    You know what.. if Apple maps say Swantson St doesnt exist, it probably doesnt exist..

      And even if it is crap everyone will applaud it for its new feature.

      But seriously, should expect this total fail to be fixed by release.

      But is it just me or does everybody find the maps to be quite dull? There's no colour to differentiate main roads...

      Swanston St must of done something to piss Apple off.....

        Bourke street joins on to Swanston, and there is a big Telstra "Android World" shop on Bourke, if memory serves.

        Samsung -> Google
        Swanston Street -> Bourke Street

        See where I'm going here?

    Probably just a minor error due to the fact cars aren't allowed on that section of Swanston Street -- which is actually called Swanston Walk...

    See here for full details:

    Cars ARE allowed on that portion of Swanston Street, they are called Taxis and they're everywhere!

      And police and delivery etc

    Melbourne City Council have acknowledged their error, and a project is now under way to remove Swanston Street from the Melbourne CBD. Trams will now terminate at Flinders Street.

    I just had a look at the latest Google maps on android, and Swanston St is no longer a big yellow road, it's just a little white one. So it seems that its just the map data in iOS 5 is out of date.

      Not even a little white road, it's a pedestrian road only, just like Chris said.
      It is still on the map though, unlike iOS 6

    So what? It's not like bits of somewhere important have been left out.

      \ha Hah!

    Why is this even newsworthy?

      John -
      It's newsworthy because if there are mistakes in a major Australian city, then it is indicative of the quality. Whilst regular cars can't go down this Street, taxis, delivery vehicles, pushbikes and pedestrians can. In this one example, the map provides less accurate data than the google maps it is replacing.

    Its more than that - Apple supposedly teamed up with TomTom to provide map data. Either Apple sucks at implementing, or TomTom sucks at Providing, valid data.
    TomTom are currently asking me to pay $100 to renew my GPS map data for a year. Should I buy? Or should I get it in IOS6 for free? If this is the quality of their maps, should I switch to GARMIN ?

      Go to Garmin.

      I had a Garmin for a number of years but when it came to getting a new GPS was seduced into getting a TomTom by a special deal. I've regretted it ever since. The TomTom has inferior maps, UI and performance on a device that should have all the advantages of more powerful hardware and more recent maps.

      Get an SGS3. huge screen and accurate maps (if using google maps).

    I suspect the only thing Apple's new mapping system will do well is give you directions to the closest Apple store. I really hope the existing google maps app will be available to download, I'd be happy to even pay for it.

      Just image:

      Siri - "The closest apple store is 500m on the left"
      Siri - "why are you going into the Telstra Android World store? You will regret this!"

      Next days news article:

        Siri: "I can't let you do that" *iPhone explodes killing user from entering the Telstra Android World store*

    I'll stick with Google maps thanks, but no thanks Apple, one more reason for me not to buy back into your world.

    Does that street have parking meters? Maybe the council refused to give Apple 30% of all parking fees so they spat the dummy again.

    Has anyone thought that Apple may have released an intentionally bad version of its maps to the devs, while the real one is lightyears better than this
    The real one therefore would look and work incredibly well in comparison

    you guys are forgetting this is OpenStreetMaps... it's like wikipedia... for maps :) *SarcasticSmile*

    I can already guess, apple maps will be crap everywhere outside of the USA and apple won't bother fixing it, like most new features. I don't really want to lose google maps.

    Are people still not understanding that this is a beta - very easy to fix, and very easy for you to let them know.
    In Apples new maps, on the settings area (where Standard, Hybrid and Satellite are) there is a report a problem button, and very easily allows you to let Apple know where to fix it up.

    That simple.

    Yep, and Melbourne Central is called Central Station. That's a massive error, there's no such place as Central Station in Melbourne, and as the name suggests, it's a fairly central part of our transport system.

    My partner and I were in Melbourne this very weekend, and had that very exact issue. I was using iOS5 (latest version), and he had beta iOS6. From our impressions, there are going to be quite a number of disappointed Aussies when iOS6 is released. It was seriously buggy, and only registered about 1/4 of the addresses that we put in. Even when it did find the address it would quite regularly drop out of reception and lose our current position, or suggest really poor routes of travel. This was the same problem for both driving and walking!
    Fingers crossed that it will get better prior to release!

    This happens on my HTC using Google Maps as well. Or it did last weekend anyway.

    Going to be lots of disappointed hipsters living in Melbourne :( Aww is your new wiz bang gadget fashion accessory not up to scratch? Wah!

    Steve Jobs would have someone's head if he was still around. Is it me or does it look like Apple isn't as awesome as it used to be. Yes i'm a fanboy. Go on, slaughter me.

    Yep, Swanston St has gone from Google Maps also - from my home computer so nothing to do with a mobile interface. How bloody confusing - the street that doesn't exist.

    Anyone else see the irony in the data source for maps in Australia? .... Almost :) almost

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