Done Not Done Tracks Media You Want To Check Out

Done Not Done Tracks Media You Want To Check Out

iOS/Web: It’s hard to keep track of all the books, music and movies competing for our attention. Done Not Done is an iPhone app and web app that turns your entertainment habits into a to-do list.

Done Not Done aims to track all the media you want to check out. You can also buddy up with friends to suggest different media or get suggestions from them. It works essentially like a to-do list, where you can mark item “done” or “not done” to track what you want to watch. Currently Done Not Done only tracks movies, books and music, but restaurants and places are on the way.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with all the various stuff you want to check out, Done Not Done does a good job of cataloguing it all in one place.

Done Not Done [via Swissmiss]


  • For movies and TV I just use an IMDB watchlist and sickbeard respectively, and any book is bought and left in the pile.

    Could definitely be interesting once the restaurant tracker is in place though.

  • i love how shazam does this for me, i’m terrible with artist and song names, I find a lot of the time i shazam songs wherever i am (even during movies) and come home later to download them. its my fave resource for music. If i could do the same with the camera for movie posters and restaurant signs i would be set. anything that i have to enter data into, i may as well google and add to my reading list for later.

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