Wilderness Survival Uses For A Condom

If you carry a small survival kit, you should consider adding a condom or two. Many know that they can carry water, but they also work well to help start fires, keep items dry, and can be made into a slingshot.

Wilderness skills weblog Willow Haven Outdoor shares a an article and a series of YouTube videos on the many uses of condoms in a survival situation. Non-lubricated condoms excel at holding water but they're very delicate. They are also handy to use as a firestarter — once lit they'll burn for a few minutes, and can be used as part of a bow drill to make a fire. They can also keep items such as tinder dry during a rainstorm.

For more videos demonstrating the many survival uses of a condom check out the source link below.

11 Ways a Condom Can Save Your Life: Multi-functional survival uses for a CONDOM [Willow Haven Outdoor]



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      he will just piss in it, just like that snake skin

    Condoms help start fires?
    There's no way I want one of those wrapped around my junk, then!

    There was another article which touted the uses of a tampon for survival...interesting combination.....

    It gets lonely in the wilderness, stuck on a mountainside with only a sheep for company. You just don't know if that sheep has been adventurous in adolescence either.

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