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A survival whistle is a must in any good bug-out bag, but if you don't have one, or you're stuck without a way to signal to others where you are, a soup can lid will do the trick. This video from Specific Love Creations shows you how to make one, even if you need to open a can to do it.


You may not think it from the mental picture that comes to mind of a "plane crash", but most real ones, like planes skidding off runways and such, are survivable. Over at Quora, Cheryl A Schwartz, a former flight attendant, offered some useful suggestions for making sure you survive, and get out of the plane safely.


Let’s face it, you’re a survivor. That three-day old slice of pizza sitting under your coffee table? You’d gobble that up in a heartbeat if it was a matter of life and death simply because your primitive survival instincts prompted you to.

Well, we say don’t fight it. It’s this adaptation to our surroundings honed over thousands of years that has led humans to come out on top of the food chain. That’s not to say a little extra help isn’t a welcome reprieve from time to time. Pay attention, these are the common and modern household tools that could save your life in dire times.