Would You Use A Condom Subscription Service?

Aussies like online shopping, so I guess this is a logical extension: condom brand Big Richard is offering a condom subscription service, where a pack of condoms is sent out postage-free every month. Is this is a sensible way to ensure contraception and sexual health?

I figured that in an era where you can grab condoms in any self-service supermarket, the "it's embarrassing" argument against condoms would have evaporated. There are two other potential arguments against the arrangement. The first is that the service says that "to keep things interesting, we'll send you a different condom pack each month... rotating between ultra thins & ribbed". Lots of people will have a definite preference.

The second is that, as is often the case, you'll pay a premium for convenience. A monthly 12-pack will set you back $10. I can get a 12-pack at my local supermarket for under $7.50, and even cheaper if there's a sale. (There's no contract with the subscription, so you can cancel whenever you want, though longer-term deals attract a discount. For an extra $10 a month, you can also get a random sex toy sent in each package.)

It's not for me, but there are millions of other potential condom users out there. Would you sign up?

Big Richard [via Mumbrella]


    Do they have 1 one condom a year plan?

    Where's the lifehacker article on how to use Ikea furniture as a condom replacement?

    Looks like subscription models are pack in - this is similar to dollarshaveclub.com

    Lol that's sounds so shifty "for just an extra $10 per month we'll throw in a random sex toy"

    Do they have extra large?

    And can I deliver to those who order them?

    I could see this as being the perfect practical joke birthday present

    So, $240 a year for 288 condoms? You can just buy two bulk packs of condoms (144 in each) at any online condom retailer for about $70-80, just 25% of the cost. Nice idea for some marketing, but way too expensive.

    Why would anyone ever buy this subscription when you can buy from LuckyBloke.com?
    They allow you to make your own condom subscription out of like 75 condoms not just one brand.
    And they have free shipping all over the world. Just my two cents.

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