Open Stubborn Jars With A Non-Lubricated Condom

Open Stubborn Jars with a Non-Lubricated Condom

Some jars just refuse to open. If you're in a pinch, a non-lubricated condom can give you the grip you need to remove the lid. You can even make multiple elastic bands out of one so it doesn't go to waste.

In honour of US Condom Awareness Month, Instructables user mikeasaurus looked for the best unusual uses of this important form of protection. Just like a rubber band can help give you the grip you need, a condom will do the trick nicely as well.

You don't have to use an entire condom just for one lid, though. Cut off the tip of the condom and proceed to cut the whole thing into mini latex bands. Now you can get a grip whenever you need or use the bands for anything a rubber band can do. Check out the link below for more unusual condom uses.

Unusual Uses for Condoms [Instructables]


    I have absolutely NO tea towels in this kitchen, but I have this unlubricated condom just lying around...

      You don't have it. Your mum does.

    I didn't even know they made unlubricated condoms? Or did you wash it first?

      Pretty sure most in Australia are lubricated with spermicide, which is not the case elsewhere in the world.

        I thought they were slightly lubricated to prevent them from sticking to themselves and tearing.

        Actually condoms dont have a lubricant that contains a spermicidal agent. They're a different product and not too common. However all condoms I've seen (I work in an adult store and handle ordering) come prelubricated in packed not only to prevent tearing, but. Also to minimize oxidation.

    Health and safety dictates that you don't use a used one.

    There's gonna be awkward stares and questions if someone busts you in the kitchen doing that.

    Dafuq? Just use a wet towel ffs

      ...what, as a prophylactic?? Would only work if you used it to flick the... oooooh, for the jaaaaars. Riiiight, got it.

    I use a bottle opener to break the seal, requires next to no effort.

    One like does the job quite nicely.

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