Use Muffin Tins and Egg Cartons for an Enhanced Picnic Experience

Outdoor dining is fabulous, even in the winter months. From footpaths to backyards to parks, we should all try getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. It can be challenging to keep a picnic (and your fingers) clean and organised, especially when the comforts of home can be far away…

Photo: JT Weyerman, Shutterstock

Get a Bird Feeder, and Don’t Overthink It

Birds are pretty and interesting to watch — and if you’re lazy, you don’t even need to leave the house to see them. Imagine, as you are ordering takeout some night, you could order nature to just show up at your door. Well, you can. Hang up a bird feeder.

10 Outdoor DIY Projects You Can Do In Under An Hour

You don’t need a lot of time or even effort to upgrade your outdoor space. In fact, in an hour or less you could complete a project that will help turn your backyard or balcony into an impressive oasis. Here are 10+ ideas to consider.