Official: Australia Hopelessly Hooked On Cars

Official: Australia Hopelessly Hooked On Cars

It shouldn’t be news that Australians are heavily reliant on private motor vehicles, but this infographic using Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data highlights just how dependent we are. The number that jumps out at me? While our average vehicle age is 10 years, there have still been 1.2 million new vehicles added to our roads since 2007.

Also: the campervans appear to be breeding.

Vehicles In Australia Infographic [Allianz]


    • Perth’s trains are great when working. The Joondalup line is becoming overstressed though, we need to get plans in place for increasing throughput. And the backup plans when something goes wrong are woefully inadequate. A ring line to avoid Perth and a spur to the airport wouldn’t go astray either. I mean who seriously doesn’t have a train line to their airport?

      Buses are hit and miss depending on where you live.

      • ” I mean who seriously doesn’t have a train line to their airport?”

        Just about everyone in Australia besides Brisbane and Sydney 😉 Though to be fair, at least Adelaide and Melbourne airports have decent bus services…

        • The problem with the stations to and around Sydney airport is that they are privately owned so if you are using them you’ll be paying a surcharge. It’s stupid and I have no idea why the government hasn’t purchased those stations.

          In all honesty as someone who catches the Sydney trains every day they are pretty good, although it does depend on what line you are on, and there are some areas (such as the northwest and southwest) that have no stations at all (although the new government is finally planning those rail links). They are also finally replacing all of those old [email protected] with new Waratah trains.

          • Unfortunately my experience with Sydney trains are not that great. They are pretty dirty (not to say disgusting sometimes); people have no manners (they don’t wait for you to leave the train before entering and they don’t think twice before cutting in line); they are always doing maintenance and almost every month you have to get buses (mostly weekends).

            Buses are extremely unreliable and it’s just getting worse.

            I sincerely don’t understand why a so expensive public transport system is so inefficient.

  • What Melbourne needs sorely is a train line system that doesn’t die every day and reliable announcement systems. Also FFS we really need a train that goes straight to BOTH airports. Pakenham to Avalon is the shittiest 3 hour drive ever. If we had trains that go from Avalon/Tullamarine to Flinders or Melb. Central, it will save us a lot of headache and petrol money.

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