Gift Guide: Make Your Own

Gift Guide: Make Your Own

A DIY gift will always trump a store-bought one — if you create a present that really suits the recipient and shows off your impressive skills or thoughtfulness. Here are some DIY creations that will prompt your gift recipient to gush with gratitude: “You made that for me?”

Easy DIY Gifts

Vintage Book GRID-IT


Original Post: Build Your Own Grid-It Tech Organiser In A Vintage Book

DIY Instructions: Vintage Book Travel-Tech Organizer [Design Sponge]


Binder Clip Mobile Phone Car Mount

many states do require you to use a commercial version)binder clips

Original Post & DIY Instructions: How To Build A Car Mount For Your Mobile Phone From Office Supplies


DIY Smoker from Flower Pots

Original Post: Make A DIY Flower-Pot Smoker

DIY Instructions: A Little Brown Egg in Maine: Terra Cotta Smoker [Instructables]


Personalised DIY Gifts

Photo Lamps

Original Post: Turn Photo Negatives Into Artsy Personalised Lamps

DIY Instructions: Grono Lamp Hack [Poopscape]


DIY Photo Canvas

DIY Instructions: Make Your Own Canvas Portrait! [A Beautiful Life]


Stickygram Instagram Magnets

Web site: Stickygram


Geeky DIY Gifts

Nintendo Arcade

Original Post: Build A Nintendo Arcade To Get Your Old-School Game On

DIY Instructions: How to build a Nintendo Arcade [Instructables


Mason Jar Speakers

Fab Speakers

Original Post: DIY Mason Jar Speakers

DIY Instructions: audio Jar [Sarah Pease]


Raspberry Pi Keyboard Computer

Original Post: Turn A Keyboard Into A Computer With Raspberry Pi

DIY Instructions: RaspCherry Pi (Google Translate) [Preamp



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