Gift Guide: Home-Built Computers


    How about a low power server for Xmas... personally i want an atom with lots of SATA ports, but hard to find in Aust. still tossing up between atom and i3 and add on a raid card? need to dish up media to Rasp XBMC... :)

      On the raspberry pi, is it possible to run xbmc as a program installed within Ubuntu rather than as dedicated xbmcbuntu? I want one but I want to browse the net on my TV as well. Also, is it possible to install anything on the ubuntu app centre, or is it limited due to the architecture?

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        My Suggestion is to look on the XBMC forums, I believe Rasp-pi device might not be so great for this. You maybe better off with a HTPC for XBMCbuntu, I believe installing this allows you to switch between XBMC and a Browser if you set it up correctly. All XBMCbuntu is is a streamlines version of UBUNTU. So just hit up and the forums over there, very helpful community. They will set you on the right path, esp if you just need a better remote to complete the task :)

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