Turn A Keyboard Into A Raspberry Pi Computer

The Raspberry Pi is still picking up momentum. If you're looking for a way to build an old-school computer in a keyboard with a Raspberry Pi, the German blog Preamp shows you exactly how to do it.

The build uses a Cherry G80-3000 keyboard, and then proceeds to stuff the Raspberry Pi into the back of it. Next up comes a few mods to the case for USB output, an HDMI port and more. The end result is, just as you'd expect, a computer stuffed into a keyboard that's easily transportable to any monitor in the house. Head over to Preamp for all the instructions.

RaspCherry Pi (Google Translate) [Preamp via Hack a Day]


    Awesome. This raspberry pi is a game-changer.

      how is this a game changer? A low powered computer in a physical keyboard, C64 anyone?
      A modern android phone is more powerful and portable.

      Interactive 3D projection would be a game changer.

    amiga 500 reborn

    That would be the HDMI C64/Amiga 500 that worls as a media centre, webserver, bittorrent server, CNS controller, DVD ripper, nzb downloader/checker/extractor, car PC, NAS. etc, etc, etc etc, etc, etc etc,.

    And runs on 5 volts

    And costs US$ 35.

    Awesome mod!

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