Turn Photo Negatives Into Artsy, Personalised Lamps

Turn Photo Negatives Into Artsy, Personalised Lamps

For less than $20 you can make a one-of-a-kind lamp that commemorates your personal history or other past events. Creative lighting aside, this quick project also finally finds a use for those old 35mm negatives you have lying around.

This DIY lamp project couldn’t be much more straightforward. Basically, you coat a $15 Ikea Grono lamp (or other similar lamp), with Mod Podge (or other decoupage glue) and carefully place your strips of negatives onto the lamp. There are some important tips for making the lamp on Poopscape, so hit up the source link for the full instructions, but that’s the basic gist of this clever and quick IKEA hack.

Of course you should probably digitise your old film strips before cutting them up and turning them into cool mood lighting.

Have any creative ideas for using old photo negatives or similar lighting projects? Let’s hear them in the comments.

Grono Lamp Hack [Poopscape via DIY Life]


  • Hmmm,.. I suppose it’s too obvious to point out that 35mm film is quite sensitive to heat! You might want to test a strip to see how close you can put it before it starts to wrinkle… !! :}

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