Grid-It Keeps Your Bag Tidy And Organised

Grid-It is a smart, versatile organiser designed to easily contain all the little items roaming around in your bag.

Grid-It is made up of a woven grid of elastic bands that help keep your stuff in place. It works great for drawing tools, cables, portable gaming systems, phones and virtually anything you can imagine fitting on a board up to 15 inches x11 inches.

Grid-It is highly configurable and comes in multiple sizes and colours. Some sizes come with a neoprene sleeve for extra protection. You can find it online and at retailers (such as The Container Store) for $US15 to $US30.

Cocoon Grid-It


    Damn, now I wish I'd kept hold of the domain when I had it. Hindsight's a wonderful thing.

    Can anyone find a site which doesn't charge $71USD to ship to Aust?

    What a simple yet smart idea.

    You can buy these from Amazon for "reasonable" shipping to Australia (paid about $11 shipping for mine)

    You can buy these in Australia from for $9.95 shipping Australia Wide.

    Apple store sells a couple of them to

    Free shipping.

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