2012 Lifehacker Awards: Best Mobile App

2012 Lifehacker Awards: Best Mobile App

Let the awards continue! Today’s category in the 2012 Lifehacker Awards is Best Mobile App. Which app can’t readers (and the editor) live without on their phone?

Readers’ Choice: Evernote

2012 Lifehacker Awards: Best Mobile App

We recently outlined all the reasons why people love Evernote, and clearly readers didn’t take much convincing: the easy-sync, easy-search, store-everything note-taking app was the runaway winner. One of Evernote’s most appealing features is its broad cross-platform support: no matter which phone you prefer, chances are there will be an app available. [clear]

Editor’s Pick: Beanhunter

2012 Lifehacker Awards: Best Mobile App

Running on both iOS and Android, Beanhunter is an app with a simple mission: to help you find a really good independent cafe nearby (thereby avoiding dubious choices bearing the initials GJ or SB). I suspect something of a fan campaign to get the app nominated, and I’m giving it the editor’s choice to reflect that important reality: a successful mobile app can emerge from anywhere. [clear]

Stay tuned; we’ll announce a new category winner each day this week.


  • Of all the mobile apps out there – Beanhunter? Really? It has 5,000 downloads on Google Play. That doesn’t make it a successful app.
    Either that is a bought and paid “winner” or LH editor’s really don’t know mobile apps.

    • Hi I dont know much about that “Google Play” thinggy… but I do know Bean Hunter is up there with iphone owners – and those who apprecate excelllent coffee anfdgreat service. I assume Android owners are lovers of quality and fine coffee. So I agree with Angus. A worthy choice – very useful and this is a true community driven information tool. Are people who use Google Play old enough to drink coffee ??

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