Beanhunter Android App Finds Good Coffee

Cafe tracking site Beanhunter has been online since 2009 and on the iPhone since early last year. Now you can get the caffeine-seeking goodness on your Android device.

Like the iOS version, Beanhunter lets you locate nearby cafes, read reviews written by others and add your own. If you're keen for a coffee that's more interesting than Gloria Jean's, it's a great resource.

Beanhunter [Android Market]


    I like the app Coffee Guide. The bean count is always accurate.

    What a great app. Thanks for the link!

    I agree; finding the bean can be good...

    If there are any cafes listed in Darwin, they are lying

    Trouble is coffe doesn't come fom a bean. It comes from a seed.

    it's very easy to be more interesting than Gloria Jean.

    Just need a Windows Mango version :)

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