2012 Lifehacker Awards Best Desktop Software

2012 Lifehacker Awards Best Desktop Software

The readers have voted and now we have the results. Second category in the 2012 Lifehacker Awards is Best Desktop Software. Who scored the readers’ choice and editor’s choice awards?

Readers’ Choice: Chrome

2012 Lifehacker Awards Best Desktop Software

This isn’t a surprising result: Chrome is the most popular choice of browser for Lifehacker readers (used by 38 per cent of you over the last year), and the increased popularity of web apps means that the browser is inevitably our most used piece of software. Chrome still isn’t perfect (when will keyword bookmarks syncing finally work properly), but it remains the browser to beat at the moment.


Editor’s Pick: VLC

2012 Lifehacker Awards Best Desktop Software

VLC doesn’t have a particularly shiny interface. What it does offer is an unmatched ability to handle just about any video file you can throw at it without becoming a massive resource hog. It’s one of the first pieces of software I install on any new machine, and it ran a surprisingly close second to Chrome in our reader poll. [clear]

Stay tuned throughout the week; we’ll announce a new category winner each day.


  • Chrome used to be my killer-app-of-choice, thanks to its fast browsing and extensions for Evernote, Tweetdeck, et al.

    Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that there’s been a slowdown in performance with Chrome on my MacBook Pro lately, and I’ve switched back to Firefox on there. It still rocks its way through the internet on my windows box and at work, though…

  • Firefox can’t be far behind Chrome. I find it far more user friendly than Chrome, which I use as second site sign in browser. I have it set up with folders and bookmarks, not mention plugins, just the way I want it and it’s plenty fast.

    • Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox used to be good. > 3.5 was a bloated, useless, resource hogging pile of crap.

      Ever wonder why the massive surge of Chrome users a few years ago?

      • You do realise it’s up to 17.1 now right.? I have had the occasional glitch with it, but by and large it’s not that much slower than Chrome and a lot more user friendly too.

  • I just don’t see what’s so special with Chrome? I like the design and I gather the extensions are great, but every time I try it I quickly find a website that that doesn’t display correctly. Sure it might be the website rather than Chrome, but Firefox and even IE9 don’t have the same problems and are therefore much more useable (although both do have their own issues).

  • Maybe people feel an affiliation with Chrome? It’s the first browser I experienced the dual search/URL bar which I found to be a revelation. I agree with their win here 🙂

  • as usual internet operating system (ya it does everything internet needs without extensions / addons) called Opera does not feature here. why? no one knows about it? it is too geeky?

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