2012 Lifehacker Awards: Best Web App

Our final category for the 2012 Lifehacker Awards is Best Web App. What online service got Lifehacker readers (and the editor) excited?

Readers’ Choice: Dropbox

While it has plenty of rivals when it comes to syncing online storage, Dropbox remains the most popular. Put that down to a combination of efficient code, widespread integration into a range of platforms and continuous improvement. While Dropbox isn’t just a web app, the range of tasks you can perform from its web interface remains impressive.

Editor’s Pick: Outlook.com

In a year where Microsoft’s most visible project was Windows 8, I don’t think anybody was expecting such an impressive revamp of the ageing Hotmail platform. The clean interface, efficient management tools and carefully thought-out design made Outlook.com a real rival to Gmail, and sets the scene for an interesting battle over webmail and other services in 2013.

So that’s it! Thanks again to everyone who voted.


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