Everplans Walks You Through Funeral Preparations

Everplans is a site that can help you get through all the steps needed to deal with that universal topic — death. The site shows you how to comfort someone who's grieving, make funeral arrangements and set up important documents.

Long before you die, and especially if you're approaching the end of your life, you probably want to make sure your family members aren't stressed or burdened more than they need to be. Everplans outlines step-by-step what you need to do for both of those stages ( write a will, name a power of attorney, get life insurance) along with helpful related articles and tools. For example, there's a checklist for documents you should organise and share (a topic we think is important).

Everplans also has advice for if you're helping someone else with end-of-life issues or if you need to take care of funeral and similar logistics. A Funeral Update tool is in the works to let family and friends know about events like wakes or funeral details.

All in all, it's a great resource that can help reduce stress for everyone during a very emotional, difficult time. As Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman says, it's "for anyone who will die someday — or knows someone who will..."

Everplans [via Scott Heiferman]


    Some useful info on that site. However keep in mind that it's USA-based, so some of the information such as on Powers of Attorney, "Advanced Health Care Directives" and other legal forms does not necessarily apply in Australia.

    Look up the particular websites for the Guardianship Tribunal, Public Trustee, state Health service, etc. in your state for the relevant details.

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